optim.ad_optim.optimize_state(state, ctm_env_init, loss_fn, obs_fn=None, post_proc=None, main_args=<config.MAINARGS object>, opt_args=<config.OPTARGS object>, ctm_args=<config.CTMARGS object>, global_args=<config.GLOBALARGS object>)[source]
  • state (IPEPS) – initial wavefunction

  • ctm_env_init (ENV) – initial environment of state

  • loss_fn (function(IPEPS,ENV,dict)->torch.tensor) – loss function

  • obs_fn (function(IPEPS,ENV,dict)->None) – optional function to evaluate observables

  • post_proc (function(IPEPS,ENV,dict)->None) – optional function for post-processing the state and environment

  • main_args (MAINARGS) – main configuration

  • opt_args (OPTARGS) – optimization configuration

  • ctm_args (CTMARGS) – CTM algorithm configuration

  • global_args (GLOBALARGS) – global configuration

Optimizes initial wavefunction state with respect to loss_fn using LBFGS optimizer. The main parameters influencing the optimization process are given in config.OPTARGS. Calls to functions loss_fn, obs_fn, and post_proc pass the current configuration as dictionary {"ctm_args":ctm_args, "opt_args":opt_args}.

optim.ad_optim.store_checkpoint(checkpoint_file, state, optimizer, current_epoch, current_loss, verbosity=0)[source]
  • checkpoint_file (str or Path) – target file

  • state (IPEPS) – ipeps wavefunction

  • optimizer (torch.optim.Optimizer) – Optimizer

  • current_epoch (int) – current epoch

  • current_loss (float) – current value of a loss function

Store the current state of the optimization in checkpoint_file.